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Trinity Art Auctions

About The Work: 

This website at the moment is mainly a catalog of art work for sale. The auction itself is held at Live Auctioneer. This catalog and other information is to present the art in the best quality. Thomas Lunde Creative developed the Logo and other branding elements as well as the full production site in Drupal 7. The theme was created and the set of modules needed were chosen and configured. The database was created and linked to the rest of the site and the entire site uploaded after extesive testing on MAMP local. It is a site where we used the Feed module to bring everything in from an Excel spreadsheet in csv format. The fields of each lot (content type) is populated automatically from the feed. The catalog shows the art with a large main image and up to six other smaller images to give the prospective bidder a good idea of the work. They are configured using the dislay suite module. The full catalog is created using the Views module as is the highlights page. All images are clickable and enlarge using the Colorbox module and plugin. Link to the site.