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Syntex Print Projects

This work was all done when I was an art director and designer at Syntex labs in Palo Alto. The left monographs were used as detail aids for doctors. I drew the arthritic hand for the naprosyn cover to illustrate the effects of the desease but I didn't want it to too offputting with a clinical photograph but still have the same impact. The Aarane cover is the actual chemical composition if cromalyn sodium. I asked the scientists responsible for the development of this drugif I could take liberties with the chemical presentation. They said any scientist would be able to understnd the makeup as i depicted it. i made it to be floating through space like the Enterprise in Star Trek. A little inside baseball. For the Norinyl I simple had my assistant walk outside the labs on Page Mill road and I got the shot used for the birth control pills. For the magazine cover I had our Hong Kong division sent me a shot overlooking Hong Kong Harbor.