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MCI with Messner Vetere


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This super commercial was actualy a mini-series in the summer of 1994. It was to promote MCI services to smaller businesses. Paul Wolfe was the head creative director and I was called in to be his partner on this project doing all the visual development. We decided on the fictitious publishing company "Gramercy Press", which had lots of people thinking it was a real company. I developed all the visual support material, from designing the book jackets for a full catalog line, to the main book named "Death on the 18th Hole. I shot the cover image used on a green of the Portland, Maine Country Club and drew a chalk line around the hole so it appeared that the flag was a spear. All of the interfaceing on the screens of the computers as well as a full catalog that was interactive was developed. Posters and other promotion material was also created to support the videos.

 Sample on-line bookstore entries. Amazon went online a year later but we do not claim they got the idea from us.